Scar Chain member 3
Gender Male
Status Deadman
Age Early 20s (Deceased)
Branch of Sin Unnamed
Affiliations Scar Chain
First Appearance
Manga debut Chapter 13
Anime debut Episode 8
Japanese Kazutomi Yamamoto
English Josh Grelle

Yamazaki is a Deadman and a former member of Scar Chain. He died during the Deadman mass prison break.


Yamazaki is a young man with brown eyes and short, light brown hair. He wears the standard prisoner uniform accompanied with a yellow and blue fisherman's hat.


Scar Chain Arc

Yamazaki participated in the Deadman mass prison break. In the first attempt, he was amongst the group that carried the data chip containing all evidence of Deadman Wonderland's heinous experiments. Yamazaki proved to be beneficial to the group. First, using special contacts to fool an eye scanner, he managed to gain access into a restricted area in order for the group to pass. He then used his Branch of Sin to create a large net for the group to walk on in order to bypass the floor's sensors. The net breaks, however, and the floor detects the group who are then chased by a Necro Macro. He, along with most of the group, manages to escape proceeds to wait for the elevator. After getting on the elevator, the group is greeted by Genkaku and the Undertakers who start shooting at and attacking the group. Luckily, he is one of the few survivors who manages to escape.

In the second attempt, he and the other survivors of Scar Chain come to Karako's rescue after she is captured and held hostage. Yamazaki is eventually killed by Genkaku who blows off his limbs with his machine guns. In the anime, rather than rescuing Karako, he and the other members attempt to escape to the surface. He is shown lying dead amongst a pile of Undertakers on the outskirts of G sector.


Blood Nets

Yamazaki's Branch of Sin.

Branch of Sin: Yamazaki is a Deadman, so he can freely move his blood out of his body. He forces the blood out of his body by making a cut at the back of his hand.

Branch of Sin: Unnamed Branch: Yamazaki's personalized Branch of Sin takes the form of giant nets that can attach to any object. It can be used to form a suspension bridge that can hold about 5 to 7 people within it. While possessing Toto, Hagire used this particular ability to get a drop on Japan's ground forces.


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