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Gender Male
Status Deadman
Age Early 20s (Deceased)
Branch of Sin Unknown
Affiliations Scar Chain
First Appearance
Manga debut Chapter 12
Anime debut Episode 8
Japanese Shohei Kajikawa
English Austin Tindle

Wakabayashi is a Deadman and a former member of Scar Chain. In the anime, he was killed by Genkaku's gunfire. In the manga, he was killed by Hagire Rinichirō in Toto Sakigami's body.


Wakabayashi is always seen in his wheelchair. His hair is brown and points backwards. His eyes are light brown. He wears a black t-shirt with a light purple line over his shoulders and sleeves. On his shirt, there is some kind of purple and green logo. He also wears red pants.


Scar Chain Arc



Wakabayashi shooting his rocket at the Undertakers

Branch of Sin: Wakabayashi is a Deadman, so he can freely move his blood out of his body. His personalized Branch of Sin was never shown.

Rocket: Wakabayshi was shown using a rocket with a certain degree of verocity against Undertaker soliders.


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