Volume 5
Original | Tokyopop

Volume 5

Author Jinsei Kataoka
Illustrator Kazuma Kondō
Publication date April 25, 2009 (Japan)

May 10, 2010 (USA)

Published by Kadokawa Shoten (Japan)

Tokyopop (USA)

ISBN 978-4-04-715207-6 (Japan)

1-4278-1790-1 (USA)

Cover character(s) Nagi Kengamine & Karako Koshio
Publication Order
Preceded by
Volume 4
Followed by
Volume 6

Volume 5 is the fifth volume of the Deadman Wonderland series.

Chapter 17

At the Scar Chain hideout Rokuro, alongside his foot soldiers, holds everyone hostage and attempts to publicly execute the Deadmen in order to force Nagi into joining the Undertakers. He orders Mōzuri and Shinagawa to kill Ganta right before Senji bursts in, killing them both instantly. The other Deadmen break free of their hold and manage to defeat the remaining Undertakers alongside Senji, who uses Invisible Black, a supersonic version of his Branch of Sin, to counter the worm eaters. While waiting impatiently Scar Chain's public execution, which was prevented, Genkaku recalls Nagi's forgotten tragic past in order to bring out his insanity. At the mean time, Senji rejects Karako's proposal to join Scar Chain, saying that the outside world isn't different from the prison. Before departing, Senji tells them they shouldn't act almighty if they cannot do it themselves. After witnessing the death of his friends once more and lacking the power to protect them, Ganta goes in search of Senji's help in order to improve his abilities and learn the supersonic version of his Branch of Sin. Senji gladly accepts as they start their training session. At the same time somewhere in Deadman Wonderland, Shiro, while crying over Ganta's rejection, meets Toto Sakigami, who refers to her as The Wretched Egg.

Chapter 18

Karako reminisces about her past time spent with Nagi. One time, he showed her an empty locket claiming that it holds a picture of his child. Realizing that Nagi has become delusional from his suffering, Karako pretends she sees the picture while smiling, saying that it looks just like him. With little to no success in their training, Senji crushes Ganta's candy medicine in order to boost his self-confidence and determination. He hangs the final one on a thread, saying that he can have it back if he manages to surpass his Invisible Black and shoot it down. While Toto attempts to distance Shiro from Ganta, she accidentally eats liquor candy while drowning her sadness in sweets and works up the desire to go and punch Ganta for his behavior towards her. As she leaves, Toto comments that he should go and eat some sweet Branches of Sin. Due to the lack in numbers and the much needed strength, Karako decides to abandon Nagi. After getting the necessary information from Rokuro, she instructs everyone to take a separate route in order to escape with each member having their own copy of the data chip. After everyone leaves, she decides to turn her back on the plan and attempt to save Nagi herself, disguised as one of the foot soldiers. After the briefing, Ganta returns to train with Senji only to find and Minatsuki. They give him advice on his training, but while Senji is particularly against this, Minatsuki flashes him with her underwear, at which point he faints. While the inspection team is being entertained with a prisoners concert, Tamaki orders Genkaku to annihilate the remaining Scar Chain rebels. In the mean time, Karako attempts to infiltrate Undertaker HQ, when Shiro bursts through the air duct in a drunken state, searching for Ganta. Genkaku sees through her disguise and takes them both hostage. Back at the gym, Ganta barely manages to form a supersonic blood bullet due to anemia and shoots down the candy, but before he can celebrate Genkaku makes a live broadcast to all Scar Chain members in order to provoke them into attempting to rescue Karako and Shiro before they get molested. As Ganta flees the gym, he runs into other Scan Chain members who've decided to rescue them. When they arrive at the Undertaker HQ, Genkaku greets them right before commencing with their final standoff.

Chapter 19

Before the battle unfolds, Hibana breaks Shiro's legs in order to stop her from interfering. The battle starts as the Deadmen clash with the Undertakers. While the Deadmen have the upper hand, Miyako and Wakabayashi proceed to aid Karako. She informs them that Nagi is kept in a giant room in front of them, as Wakabayashi proceeds to blast the giant door with his rocket along with the surrounding foot soldiers. Karako finds Nagi and approaches him in order to help, but he refuses as he throws the empty locket at her, showing her that he's sane again. Nagi briefs Karako about his tragic past and the loss of his wife and child, which Ganta accidentally overhears while aiding Shiro. He then goes on a rampage out of grief and anger, slaughtering numerous Undertaker foot soldiers and nearly killing one of his own. Elsewhere, Aohi informs Tamaki that the inspection has come to an end. He then questions Tamaki whether or not he's responsible for all the blood shed inside the prison, to which he replies that he's only sponsoring it. Still at large, Nagi proceeds to attack wounded Shiro but is stopped by Ganta, while he shields her from Nagi's numerous attacks. Ganta and Karako manage to slap some sense into Nagi, at which point he stops and starts to regret his actions, while Genkaku, standing over Miyako's corpse, observes from afar. Ganta suddenly collapses to the ground, as the poison from his collar starts to numb his already weakened body, as a result for not taking the antidote for the past three days. Once Nagi returns to normal, Genkaku approaches Karako from behind and stabs her through the chest with Miyako's sword, telling her that she shouldn't have tried to change Nagi.

Chapter 20

Ten years prior to the series, Genkaku recalls his past when he lived at a Buddhist temple. In present time, after stabbing Karako through the chest, Nagi shields her while Ganta attacks Genkaku with little affect. In the mean time, Karako seals the wound with her Branch of Sin. Genkaku leaves Karako to Nagi to finish her off in hopes of reawakening the monster within him. When Nagi refuses, revealing that his sanity has come back to him, Genkaku, detesting him, proceeds to blast a hole in his stomach before remembering his past once more. During his days, the other monks-in-training would harass him, beat him, and even rape and molest him. He would seek out help from the Bhikku (ordained Buddhist monk), trying to find a way to give the young monks salvation. After the earthquake, Genkaku found one of the monks that bullied him, injured and lying under a pile of rubble, pleading for Genkaku to save him. Later on, the Bhikku returned to the temple to search for survivors; instead, he found Genkaku sitting under a shrine composed of the mutilated corpses of the other monks. Genkaku proclaimed to the monk that the only way to be saved from the world, is to be taken away from it. He continues with his absurdity, calling his insanity enlightenment and death salvation, as well as revealing that he had killed his own master, as he shows them his Buddhist shrine that is decorated with the heads of fallen Scar Chain members. Shiro approaches horrified Ganta, attempting to help him, but Genkaku bashes her head and knocks her out. He then proceeds to shoot everyone around him, grazing Hibana's left arm and killing most of his own men, along with Scar Chain's Yamazaki, Wakabayashi, Ōshima and an Unnamed Deadman. As the others are forced to watch in horror and despair while their friends die one by one, Ganta's chest, where Wretched Egg embedded the red crystal, starts to glow.

Chapter 21

Genkaku forces on with his madness, driving Ganta into a state of rage before approaching him and attempting to end his suffering, noting that he has witnessed enough horror to realize that death is salvation. As his will to live and fight on grow every passing moment, the glow emanating from the red crystal in his chest manifests patterned lines, heavily increasing his Deadman powers. Ganta fires his newly improved Branch of Sin while Genkaku desperately tries to shoot down the incoming projectile without success. He attempts to flee, but Nagi grabs hold of him and says he's his guide to hell. Genkaku smiles and accepts him as his salvation, while Toto secretly watches from aside. The bullet makes a direct hit, heavily injuring Genkaku, as well as destroying the dark room, along with his Buddha statue. While the remaining foot soldiers and Hibana flee in fear of Ganta's new power, the remaining Scar Chain members rush over to Nagi's side for his final moments. He gives Ganta his final candy and thanks them before passing away, leaving them all in tears. While Hibana attempts to escape, she encounters Toto in the hallway. She attacks him, but is instantly killed. As he leaves, he notes that he is still too fragile. When Shiro wakes up, Ganta promises her that one day they will ride the Ferris wheel together, as he breaks into tears, saying that the candy is too sour. The inspection team leaves with one holding the data chip Karako gave him. Karako, Akiyama and Ohara can be seen from afar, escaping in a small boat. Tamaki is informed by a G Ward that few Deadmen have escaped. Enraged by this, Tamaki calmly proceeds with his plan, saying that before loosing more Deadmen he should acquire some more. On his compatibility list, Azami Midō's name appears. At the same time, Makina asks Kasuga to bring her Azami for their own plan. Somewhere in Deadman Wonderland, Toto sits on a piano, holding a broken picture of a woman next to young Shiro and Ganta and wonders what Ganta's blood taste like.

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