Volume 4

Volume 4

Tokyopop Volume 4

Author Jinsei Kataoka
Illustrator Kazuma Kondō
Publication date October 24, 2008 (Japan)
February 1, 2011 (USA)
Published by Kadokawa Shoten (Japan)
Tokyopop (USA)
ISBN 1-4278-1744-8
Cover character(s) Azuma Genkaku
Hibana Daida
Publication Order
Preceded by
Volume 3
Followed by
Volume 5

Volume 4 is the fourth volume of the Deadman Wonderland series.


Ganta is recruited into Scar Chain, an antiestablishment group planning a mass prison escape. After a brief meeting with Shiro, he stands at a crossroads, but Nagi persuades him to take part in the escape. However, a traitor has already leaked the plan to the Undertakers, a unit specially formed to stamp out the rebels!

Chapter List

13. Cloudy After Sunny

14. Ring Her Bell

15. Man is the Archenemy for Man

16. Salty Cookies