Volume 3
Original | Tokyopop

Volume 3 JP

Author Jinsei Kataoka
Illustrator Kazuma Kondō
Publication date May 26, 2008 (Japan)

September, 28 2010 (USA)

Published by Kadokawa Shoten (Japan)

Tokyopop (USA)

ISBN 978-1-4278-1743-3
Cover character(s) Yō Takami & Minatsuki Takami
Publication Order
Preceded by
Volume 2
Followed by
Volume 4

Volume 3 is the third volume of the Deadman Wonderland series.

Chapter 9

Minatsuki Takami is tending to her primroses with her wrists cuffed together. She notes that the early bloom of the primroses means "endless love" in the language of flowers and concludes that she'll meet someone nice that day. Yō Takami is then shown tired and panting heavily as he desperately searches for G Ward and recalls the earlier events involving Shiro and declares that he has nothing to do with it and that he'll save Minatsuki soon. The scene changes again to Ganta Igarashi laying on his bed and internally commenting on the insanity of Deadman Wonderland. He also states that he had forgotten about the real Deadman Wonderland due to Shiro and Yō being there for him and wonders of their welfare. His train of thought is interrupted by the familiar sound of a girl screaming. He goes to her aid, revealing her to be Minatsuki, and stops Itadaki Kazuya from eating Minatsuki's flowers by offering his own food to which he happily devours- including the tray that it was on. Ganta and Minatsuki take this opportunity to escape and Minatsuki leads him to her room which is filled with flowers. Minatsuki thanks Ganta and apologizes about him having to give up his own food. Ganta replies saying it was no problem and that he hasn't eaten much anyway since witnessing Senji Kiyomasa's eye removal. Ganta starts to break down when Minatsuki also admits to hating her life being there and cries on Ganta's shoulder causing his heart rate to increase. After a series of awkward events, Ganta compliments the smell of the primroses which Minatsuki agrees and explains that her brother had always liked them. She also compares Ganta and her brother stating that they are both very kind and pure. Minatsuki informs Ganta that her brother became really worried and that she has always known about her blood power and so, stayed inside. This came at the cost of her personality as well as, her father beating her as Minatuski exposes her back to further emphasize the point. A flash-back reveals Minatsuki's father sexually assaulting her and Yō walking in on the scene. Enraged, Yō pulls out a box knife and kills his Father and Minatsuki states that is where her memory of that night ends. When she woke up however, she had realized that she had used her power to kill him but as Yō didn't know about this power, he believed that he had killed their father and therefore, truly believes that he should've been sentenced to death instead of his sister. After a scene of Yō infiltrating G Ward further, Minatsuki states that everyone gets hurt because of her and also has a breakdown about hating Carnival Corpse. As she turns to Ganta for more comfort, her dress gets caught on a vase subsequently causing part of her dress to be pulled down exposing her breasts. The two become flushed and turn away from each other and Ganta realizes that he should say something to help Minatsuki. He suggests running away together away from DW and that he'll protect her. As he says this, Yō ambushes a guard presumably for his outfit then Ganta and Minatsuki are shown running away with Minatsuki verbally guiding him. They halt as the come across the same guard Yō attacked, only in his underwear, and Minatsuki rips out her earring. As soon as she does this, a pipe from the ceiling falls directly above them and Ganta pushes her away to safety. Ganta's leg however, gets impaled by a jagged part of the pipe which Minatsuki tearfully apologizes for. The two get caught by a few guards who scolds them for leaving their rooms and tells them to save it for tomorrow when there's an audience watching them. Minatsuki notices Ganta's confusion and shows him a Carnival Corpse leaflet displaying their Deadman names, Woodpecker and Hummingbird., and explains that they are fighting each other. Tsunenaga Tamaki and Hagire Rinichirō are shown and Tamaki states that this is no longer Hagire's wonderland but his own and plays with a bird-shaped hand puppet stating that the show must go on.Tamaki then goes to Hagire's oxygen tube and punctures it with his hand puppet's teeth. Ganta and Minatsuki take their place in the ring and a few guards enter the arena. Yō, disguised as a guard, runs toward the ring as the match starts. When the match begins, Ganta declares that he won't harm Minatsuki but, she activates and uses her Branch of Sin: Whip Wing against Ganta, inflicting many cuts on his body. At this point, Minatsuki shows her true sadistic and insulting nature which shocks Ganta. She states that with the damage she inflicted on him yesterday and just now, she doubts that he'll be as nimble as he was against Senji. It then dawns on Ganta that Minatsuki was lying to him the whole time to which Minatsuki becomes sexually aroused to due to his facial expression. She also points out that her father made the same face when he died but that she can only "get off" on her brother's helpless face.She further implies that she'll reduce him to nothing but a Formaldehyde after she's done with him. Ganta then furiously fires his Branch of Sin at her forearm but then, Yō breaks free of the guards hold and becomes enraged by and demands to know what Ganta is doing to his sister.

Chapter 10

A flashback of Minatsuki and Yō Takami's past on the day of the Great Tokyo Earthquake shows a younger Minatsuki climbing out of rubble. She looks around and sees her mother's body and checks to see if she's alive only to discover her lifeless. Her thoughts narrate the scene saying that when her mother died, she became a liar. Her remaining family meet her and her father asks of her mother's whereabouts to which Minatsuki replies saying she doesn't know and guesses that she had gone shopping. The perspective changes to Yō who's thought's narrate the same scene with a similar phrase but, because of him seeing his sister's blank face and vowing to protect her in place of their mother. The siblings then holds hands with their backs facing us. Back at the Carnival Corpse the audience have a surprised reaction when Yō entres the ring. Minatsuki puts her innocent facade back on and goes to Yō whilst Ganta realizes that they are siblings. Tsunenaga Tamaki is shown wishing for Hagire Rinichirō's death so that he can gain access to the experiments when he is alerted of an intruder. Yō confronts Minatsuki about being a Deadman but, nonetheless declares that he wants to save her by buying her freedom with Cast Points. Minatsuki however, doesn't respond to this with gratefulness but instead with an insane grin. Ganta asks Minatsuki if she was referring to Yō when she mentioned her brother and she becomes shocked by the fact that they know each other. Yō fills in that Ganta was his room mate but never thought that he was the type to hit a girl. Ganta tries to explain the reason for his actions and Minatsuki's true-self but, she trips him up with one of her whips. As she goes to him and appears to comfort him, she actually goes to threaten him and make him keep quite about it. Minatsuki turns to her brother and puts her act on again stating that she fell for his lies which Ganta gets angry about and prepares another bullet but, Yō steps in front of her and guards her with his body, preventing Ganta from doing anything that may harm her. Minatsuki takes this chance to kill Yō in a slow painful manner but, he stops her by rhetorically asking if this is how she killed their father. He then proceeds to uncover the truth about their father's murder as well as her other killings. On the other hand, Yō still forgives her and states that she doesn't need to lie anymore as he'll always protect her. Minatsuki asks why he's confusing her with his protectiveness of her but soon states that he is useless and captures him with her Branch of Sin and uses him as a human-shield as Ganta fires his bullets. Minatsuki states that everyone is a lying hypocrite and it's better to kills those who lie with a smile. As Ganta pleads with Minatsuki to release Yō, she reveals that he was using Ganta from the start making him the very same liar Minatsuki was describing. Ganta however, doesn't care about this as he considers himself and Yō as friends as Yō had saved him multiple times. Minatuki rips her remaining earring out and declares Ganta as the worst type of liar and attacks him all over his body. Ganta acknowledges that her whips are too fast for his eyes to keep up with and Minatsuki says that there is no-one in the world worth trusting. The second round ends and Chaplin Sukegawa analyses Minatsuki's Branch of Sin deeming it the ideal type for a girl like her. Ganta limps back to his corner where he meets Senji Kiyomasa again (but with an eyepatch) who questions why Ganta is the one loosing when he had previously defeated him. Senji gives Ganta advice about the battle and Minatsuki and names Ganta's BoS as Ganta Gun as he points out it's flaws. He points out that Minatsuki's whips all come from her hair and suggests shooting at her even if he shoots Yō too. Ganta obviously refuses to shoot Yō and Senji replies telling him to not loose as that is the duty of anyone who beats him. Round 3 starts and Ganta figures out that he doesn't have to hit straight despite his bullets firing straight. He proceeds to hit the pole behind Minatsuki which bounces off an another direction and she attacks him again. Senji urges Ganta on but, Chaplin only thinks about the stupid name Senji gave to Ganta's Branch of Sin. Minatsuki states that she is going to reduce Ganta to a pile of mush just like her mother (who she refers to as a whore) and Yō realizes that she is still raw about what happened between her and their mother. Minatsuki corrects Yō stating that she was not her mother and reveals that she is thankful for her mother's action of shaking her hand off during the earthquake as it was enough for Minatsuki to realizes how rotten humanity is. Ganta re-aims his Ganta Gun and fires it again at the pole at a different angle. This was a success as the bullet ricochets off the pole and flies into the back of Minatsuki's hair, cutting it off. Ganta quickly repeats this process until Yō is ripped free and falls to the side leaving Minatsuki open. But, Minatsuki dodges the last bullet and tangles Ganta with her whips. Ganta, undeterred by Minatsuki's grasp on him, walks towards her and exclaims that she is the only fool here as all she has done is hurt herself. Once close enough, he headbutts Minatsuki, to the surprise of the audience and (somewhat embarrassment of) Minatsuki which knocks her out. The audience become blood-thirsty and demand Ganta to kill her to which he flips them the finger and insults them in a tone similar to that of Minatsuki. The commentator checks the rules and determines Ganta as the winner whilst Senji triumphantly laughs and Chaplin is shocked at the distasteful win. The scene changes to The Twins surrounded by corpses they evidently killed and they look back at Hagire who is laughing evilly after watching Ganta's fight and rhetorically questioning if it's the Igarashi blood in him. He the asks Shiro if she's awake as she lies unresponsive on a large beanbag with a photo of herself and Ganta as children playing together. He continues to ask if she will fulfill his wish once The Lullaby has ended. Ganta visits Minatsuki and Yō at the clinic and asks about their welfare. Yō explains that he vowed to protect Minatsuki ever since their mother died as well as the fact they never went to look for her body. He also agrees with Minatsuki about how evil humanity can be and that he lied and stole because he was desperate. Shiro is shown again with her eyes half-open and a sudden violent shake ripping through the G Ward cells. This vibration causes several cupboards to fall over and almost onto Minatsuki which causes her to remember what happened between her mother and herself during the great earthquake (i.e.Her mother pushing her hand off and abandoning Minatsuki as she is left in the collapsing building in complete disbelief). Unlike their mother, Yō catches the cupboard before it fell on her and Minatsuki notices that the shards of glass from the cupboard doors have stabbed him. She asks if he's alright which he replies saying it's nothing but, Minatsuki differs and has a go at him for lying. As Ganta observes the two (and labeling their relationship as weird) his chest begins to hurt and suddenly hears the Woodpecker Song. Ganta remembers that his mother used to sing it in a flash-back showing her singing and playing the piano as himself and Shiro sit beside her. He wonders how the rest of the song goes and he finally remembers Shiro from his past as he remembers her crying face. And in contrast to the younger Shiro, the awakened Shiro is shown with a lifeless look in her eyes. Ganta then repeats his question about the rest of the Woodpecker song and trails off as he stares in deep thought.

Chapter 11

Ganta stares lost in thought as he remembers Shiro as his childhood friend. Shiro stands with Hagire Rinichirō among the rubble from the now destroyed room she was previously sleeping in and a page shows the frame for the photo of Ganta, herself and a woman shattered on the ground. Hagire offers Shiro her favorite pudding flavor which she rejects and shockingly states that she hates sweet food and that he's getting them confused - heavily implying Shiro has a split personality. Hagire acknowledges this and the fact that she's in the "mood" and so, declares that he'll play along. Hagire then takes out some tubes connected to his chest, allowing himself to bleed, and manipulates his blood revealing that he too is a Deadman. He then states that he must kill Shiro to which she replies saying that, that is what he's always wanted and he initiates the battle. Shiro walks over to The Red Man 's suite of armor but Higare lands an attack. Shiro cracks her signature grin and a splash of swirling blood is shown. Some guards take notes of the damaged caused by the sudden vibration and order Yō and everyone else back to their rooms. Senji Kiyomasa congratulates Ganta on the fight and tells Ganta to treat him to ramen to celebrate. Senji orders a huge bowl of ramen and tells Ganta that Itadaki Kazuya had eaten 20 bowls of that size. Senji also moves onto Ganta's battle strategies stating that he has a long way to go and that his attacks are too predictable. Ganta comments on the name of his Branch of Sin Senji gave it, Ganta Gun, asking it to be something cooler like a move Aceman would use. Senji remembers the superhero and quotes him stating that he really liked the show and was surprised to know that Ganta knew about him too. Ganta then openly reminisces the time he and Shiro used to play games about Aceman but, was always beaten by her. Senji for no apparent reason gives Ganta the finger whilst complimenting Ganta's style of fighting and how he gained his victory over Minatsuki. Moreover, he also clarifies that Deadmen are still prisoners (but, that he's here because he wants to be) and that he should be careful because winning can be a good or a bad thing regardless of how you win. A woman sitting at another table notes Woodpecker's true identity and rings her bell with a tap with her finger. Makina presents her findings about Tsunenaga Tamaki to a group of guards, but states that she needs his passcodes in order to access them. She becomes furious as this is a clear-cut attempt to prevent justice and gives motivational orders to her squad but then, threatens them that she'll cut anyone who whimpers or cannot handle it, down. She then labels the mission as Fox Hunt. Tsunenaga Tamaki and the Rei Takashima walk into his office and converse about the 'earthquake' that happened earlier. Tamaki notes that the earthquake was a bit different from usual ones but, that it must have been strong as he cannot connect to the research labs. The Doctor becomes aroused at the thought of how many people could've dies to which Tamaki asks her to keep her bizarre fantasies to a minimum. Tamaki asks about Ganta's crystal which Rei informs him of the fact it's more like a capsule than a crystal. She explains that it's the housing for the 'Nameless Worm'. The Doctor shows Tamaki a piece of the crystal that she had examined and found traces of the Nameless Worm in. She hypothesizes that the cause of the Deadmen was due to the crystal entering their bodies. Tamaki asks if it were possible to manufacture the Nameless Worm which she replies and inconclusive as she hasn't examined the Wretched Egg yet. However, Tamaki informs her that it would be impossible as Hagire keeps hold on her. Tamaki reveals that he aspires to take over DW once Hagire falls. Minatsuki is shown covering herself with her dress whilst yelling at her brother for having an extreme sister complex. She states that she isn't so bady hurt that she can't wash herself and literally kicks him out of the cell. Ganta and Yō go to the partially destroyed clinic, relieved that the doctor isn't there, and Yō takes some medication, intending to sell them. Ganta asks about Shiro's whereabouts which causes Yō to freeze at the memory of her. He shakily replies that they were separated as the infiltrated G Ward. Yō asks Ganta what Shiro is (initially about to refer to her as monster but catches himself and replaces it with "thing"). Ganta sheepishly explains that he had forgotten all about her until recently and that they are childhood friends. Ganta the has a flash-back about said childhood. The flash-back shows a young Ganta running in search of Shiro and run pasts a window with his mother crying and cradling her head. Ganta eventually finds Shiro in a room in which she is on the sitting on the floor. Ganta says that he has bought pudding which she refuses as she in in more pain than usual. Ganta agrees with her on disliking shots, not fully understanding, then states that she should call for Aceman whenever you hurt or scared. Shiro, not amused by this, says that he isn't real but Ganta continues pretending to be Aceman. Shiro gets annoyed and smashes the action figure which shocks both her and Ganta. She quickly becomes indifferent to this saying it was his fault and Ganta leaves to go eat his pudding on his own. As he leaves, Shiro wears a melancholic expression. Ganta angrily cries as he walks outside where he is attacks by a rabid, experimental dog. He calls desperately for Aceman and Shiro comes to his aid after jumping out of a 2 story window and landing on the dog's back. Shiro then quotes Aceman's phrase which, despite embarrassing her, brings a happy grin to Ganta's face and the two mend the toy and eat pudding together. Ganta then points out the Shiro is still very similar, if not the same, as she was before as demonstrated in the Dog Race Show and beyond. Ganta says that he can't wait to see her again and declares that he'll apologize for not remembering her when they first met. Yō tries to warn Ganta about Shiro's other-self in an attempt to protect him but, Ganta goes on and talks about hoe he thought he lost all of his friends but actually still has one. Yō, seeing that Ganta is very happy about this, chooses not to tell him and excuses his behavior for being worried about Minatsuki. When he leaves, he crosses paths with the same hooded woman who was at the ramen bar and her bell chimes. Ganta lays on his bed and sings the Woodpecker Song then makes a connection between his Deadman name and the song. Another past scene shows an unnamed woman from Hagire's picture singing the song and playing the piano, whilst crying. Shiro asks her where the song is from to which she responds saying she wrote it and that it's Shiro's song. Two panels compare Shiro's bandaged arm when she was young and her heavily scarred arms now. The Wretched Egg hears the Woodpecker Song and questions if the Mother Goose System is back online and wonders what the rest of the song is. Hagire lies on the ground, defeated. Shiro grabs the Red Man's armor whilst he then states that there is no way there could be more. This is because she is the Wretched Egg.

Chapter 12

A group of mixed aged prisoners loiter in a fairly dilapidated room whilst two play billiards and another plays darts. A conversation continues (the first part being unknown) by a character (Rokuro Bundō) with his back turned to the reader as he comments about Karako Koshio 's opinion and his own about a kid; stating that he is still an amateur. An unnamed elderly member expands on this and questions their leader's choice in members. The leader remains silent and swings one of his loosely fitting geta sandals and suddenly flings it onto the billiard table.He shows his firm belief in Karako's choice and states "Today...the sky's clear but, the thunder clouds will soon come" as he walks out. In G Ward, Ganta dreams about Shiro (evident from his sleep-talking) and wakes screaming to Chaplin Sukegawa who playfully calls him silly as he forgot to lock his room. Chaplin informs Ganta of the "show" coming on at 3:00 which is between meals and that he should sit in the seat of honor as he had one the match. Ganta puts two-and-two together and realizes that Chaplin is referring to the Punishment Game as he has a fearful flashback about Senji Kiyomasa's eye removal. He instantly runs to Minatsuki and Yō Takami's room but, stumbles on a half-dressed Minatsuki. He apologizes for not knocking but she still threatens to kill him. Ganta warns Minatsuki about the Punishment Game which she nonchalantly shrugs off explaining that she had already lost a kidney and part of her stomach due to it. Ganta states that he wishes for a way to prevent it and Minatsuki casually says that Yō said the same thing and went off to get his Cast Points back. Ganta then proceeds to find and help him so that Minatsuki can buy her way out of Deadman Wonderland. Minatsuki questions why Ganta and Yō act like that toward her and how it confuses her but also, asks why they would get her hopes up. As Ganta runs down the hallway, a woman (Karako Koshio) ambushes him and uses her Branch of Sin around her fist and punches him in the abdomen. Feeling as though he had been hit by a bat, Ganta balls over in pain and she apologizes stating that she thought he would dodge the attack. She then goes in for another attack seeing if he'll dodge that one but Ganta hoarsely asks who she is and why she's attacking him as he believes that the Deadmen are targeting him. She replies saying that introductions should be made with fists and that's the idea behind the Yamato Nadeshiko (the ideal Japanese woman) and throws more attacks at him. Ganta realizes that her fists and feet have been strengthened with her blood and fails to understand how violence fits in to the ideal Japanese woman. Ganta tries to run but she knocks him out with a kick and carries him away over her shoulder. Yō finds the guard's (who stole his Cast Cards) locker and picks the lock successfully.Tsunenaga Tamaki encounters him and rhetorically asks what he's doing but figures that it would be better for Yō to stay here instead of returning to his original cell which he checks with Azuma Genkaku. Tamaki states that Azuma is the prison monk but Azuma corrects him stating that he is a super monk. As Tamaki and Azuma go to leave, Tamaki informs Yō that Cast Points don't have as much value in G Ward and that you can't buy you're way out. Yō shocked by this revelation, exclaims and Tamaki goes on saying that Deadmen are incredibly valuable and that he couldn't just let them leave. Yō realizes that his years of effort in an attempt to save Minatsuki were futile and Tamaki continues to enrage him further by wondering aloud about with part of Minatsuki's body will be taken. Yō charges at Tamaki but Azuma whispers "Katsu" (a Buddhist chant which is considered violent) and fires multiple heavy shots at him. Tamaki warns Azuma that Yō isn't a deadman and should therefore hold back for now. Tamaki leaves while Azuma stands dominantly on Yō and declares his tiredness as his guitar case drips with blood. Karako takes Ganta to a launderette, introduces herself and declares that she is a member of Scar Chain. Ganta, still confused about what's going on, questions why he should fight without a reason and a new, mechanical sounding voice, answers him stating that it's to end the meaningless fighting. The voice is revealed to belong to the leader of Scar Chain who explains Scar Chain's motive and Ganta finds comfort in finding people who think the way he does. He explains that he wants to prevent Minatsuki from going through the Punishment Game with the Leader complies too. The leader proceeds to take out a small row of teeth which disguises a small radio-transmitter. He refers to himself as owl and continues to give instructions to whomever he's talking to and replaces the transmitter back into his mouth. As Minatuski is belted to the reclining chair in the Punishment Game, Rei Takashima maliciously asks if she minds her preforming surgery without anesthetic. Minatuski is uncharacteristically unnerved which both of them pick up on. Minatsuki mentally declares that she should have never expected anything of her brother and Ganta and that she should smile as if it were a game. When the slot machine stops, Minatsuki, the audiences and the Doctor alike are surprised to find that it had stopped on "hair". Ganta collapses with shock whereas the doctor hits the machine in a mixture of disbelief, anger and disappointment as she wouldn't of made "hair" an option. After a slight pause, Minatsuki openly smiles with relief and happiness as Ganta thanks Nagi Kengamine (after he reminded Ganta what his name is) and Nagi humbly asks Ganta to join Scar Chain. However, Azuma Genkaku watches from the slightly opened door claiming to smell corruption and asks Nagi (referring to him by "Owl") what he's doing. Azuma comes in and carelessly drops and steps on a battered Yō while stating that Nagi's happiness makes him want to invoke Katsu like he did on Yō. Karako prepares to fight Azuma whilst Ganta tends to Yō. Azuma doesn't recognize her but adds her to his list anyway. He pulls out his electric guitar and says that the "super monk" has come to pray for them. Azuma then switches his tone to a murderous one and clarifies that they have to be dead first before he can pray for them. Ganta fires BoS bullets at him but, Yō desperately tries to tell Ganta that there is no way he could beat the monk but is too wounded to do so. Azuma puts his beaded necklace in front of the bullet's direction which dissipates the bullet. He then hits Ganta on the head with his guitar. Yō continues to try and tell Ganta to run and that his Branch of Sin is useless against him but, Azuma states that he'll sing for Ganta. At that moment, Shiro falls in from a vent (wearing a cape) and stomps on Azuma's guitar thus, breaking it in half to the surprise of everyone (especially Azuma). Yō's surprise soon turns to fright as he initially believes Shiro to be in her Wretched Egg state (due to the cape) and fearfully says that she is the one person who puts Azuma to shame. However, Shiro triumphantly says "ultra chaos endorphin screw hadouken-fuu alhpa version kick!" (confusing both Karako and Nagi but which Ganta recognizes as on of Aceman's techniques) and proceeds to throw off her cape an proclaim "Aceman is here!" and invites Ganta to eat some pudding together much to his delight. Yō is still fearful and continues to mentally state that she's the real monster as Ganta and Shiro run to each other in a joyous reunion.

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