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Uzume Sumeragi
Uzume Sumeragi
Gender Female
Status Complete Forgery
Age Unknown
Branch of Sin Nanairo Chōchō
Affiliations Forgeries
First Appearance
Manga debut Chapter 31
Anime debut N/A

Uzume Sumeragi is a Complete Forgery in the First Unit, guarding the control device.


She has long blonde hair that reaches her lower back. She wears a long, light dress with butterfly decorations. She also wears a big summer hat with a butterfly decoration on the left side.


Uzume has shown to be very vain about her own appearance, and very demeaning to those she doesn't consider "beautiful". She also seems to be very vicious in her attacks against her opponents playing with their minds, and enjoying as her enemies attack and kill each other, through her own branch of sin.


Revolt Arc

She first appears together with the other Forgeries in the first unit, Ikazuchi Akatsuki and Ichi and Hajime Mikawa, stopping Ganta from getting to the control device. She, and the rest of the firt unit, were about to attack Ganta when they were all stopped by Minatsuki's Whip Wing. It is then revealed the Minatsuki is not alone as Chaplin , Senji, and Idaki Hitara also appear. At first the first unit are able to gain the upper hand, but they are eventually separated as Uzume is now forced to take on both Minatsuki and Chaplin alone.

During the battle with Chaplin and Minatsuki, she first shows Plume Brume technique to create distance between her and their Branches of Sin, much to their surprise. She then unleashes her own Branch of Sin. Her "poison" takes the form of a hallucinogen, which affects both Minatsuki and Chaplin. Both have hallucinations relating to their past. Chaplin is taken back to the office building where he once worked and Minatsuki's hallucination was of her as a young child having her hair braided by her mother. Uzume then plays at their memories forcing them to fight each other, while thinking that they were fighting someone else. Minatsuki eventually breaks through the illusion, and helps Chaplin get out of his illusion.

Uzume then activates her final branch of sin ability Blue painful, which makes butterflies come out of her mouth, and begin to slice Minatsuki and Chaplin. Uzume then tries to use her Noir Pleuvo, but is unable to as Minatsuki and Chaplin combine their branch of sin and attacks, knocking her out and defeating her.


Branch of Sin: Uzume is a Forgery, so she has the ability to freely control her blood out of her body.

  • Nanairo Chōchō: Plume Brume
  • Nanairo Chōchō: Rouge Mirage
  • Nanairo Chōchō: Blue Painful
  • Nanairo Chōchō: Noir Pleuvo
Branch of Sin: Nanairo Chōchō (七色蝶蝶, Nanairo Chōchō, lit. Rainbow Butterfly): Nanairo Chōchō allows her to create a variety of techniques or objects that relate to butterflies, and use a poison causes people to hallucinate, eventually causing them to attack each other.
Plume Brume (プルーム・ブルュム, Purūmu Burūmu): Uzume creates butterfly wings made of blood that allow her to fly in the air.
Rouge Mirage (ルージュ・ミラージュ, Rūju Mirāju): Uzume uses her umbrella to fabricate a flower that is made from her blood, which then appears to disperse into a number of butterflies, using her poison that is known as hallucinogen.
Blue Painful (ブルー・ペニーブ ル, Burū Penīburu): She exhales a bunch of butterflies from her mouth before which begin to rotate and then are aimed at the target which slices them like shuriken.
Noir Pleuvo (ノワール・プリュボ, Nowāru Puryubo): This attack was not seen clearly, since Minatsuki and Chaplin defeated her before she could attack, but was seen, is that she a unleashes another butterfly.


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