I was reading some really interesting (some hilarious) predictions on how the DW series will end on the Mangafox forums and I couldn't help but want this gruesome and sad one to happen:

"Ganta (emotionless and zombie like from killing shiro/ wretched egg) will drag her bloody body and ride with her on the feris wheel" - from the user Shiawase-Usagichan

But my summarised inital prediction for the ending was:

Shiro will become close to be entirely consumed by the wretched egg but she'll continue to act as if aceman is winning whenever in the presence of ganta. They go on the ferris wheel and eat snacks but when they reach the top, the wretched egg takes over and cracks a grin. she then kills ganta etc and the ride finishes. Shiro returns as aceman but, realises what she's done and tries to feed ganta the snacks as a way of brining him back in her despair but soon stops and rides the ferris over and over again as she cries.

it's super crap but, this was just as we find out shiro is the wretched egg and i can't be bothered to think of a new prediciton so...

yeah, I would basically like an unhappy but, with a delusional/tragic happy ending over the top, or just plain sad.

What about you? What do you think will/want to happen?

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