First things first, I just wanna say I got a message from Kate.moon that Deadman Wonderland Wiki will be featured on Wikia Spotlight!!! I couldn't be more happier about this! Seriously, this is the ultimate confirmation to get that you've been doing a good job. I'm very happy I got so much help (which wasn't the case on my other wiki's :/). I couldn't have done it without every one of you (yes, even the anonymous contributors!).

Now, for the real post I wanna share with you, I encountered a Wiki's first (I think)!!! I was checking out the Most visited pages and I saw this:
Shiro beats Main page!

Yes, you see it right, the wiki has pretty much views... NO THAT'S NOT IT! SHIRO IS ON THE FIRST PLACE!!! I mean, how can this happen??? You'd think the main page is most viewed, but no... That means a lot of visitors never saw the main page and never clicked on the Deadman Wonderland Wiki logo. I don't get that.

That also means that they, or deliberately typed in the top bar: and that's just strange. I mean, why? Come on?

Or, they searched for Shiro in Google and came out here, but they still didn't visit the main page?

Or, they got linked from another website. ... NICE (read with Borat accent).

Anyway, I find it really strange that the main page isn't the most visited. Check any other wiki and I will guarantee that the main page will be at the top. But, that also means that this wiki is even more special and unique than the others! Yay! That's always good right?

Oh and by the way, I got 1,001 edits!!!

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