So yeah, I decided to do another blog post, since I've only done one so far and it looked kind of empty.

For starters, the end of the anime is coming up! Episode 12 will be broadcasted on July 2nd, so it'll be on the internetz that same night. I'm excited to see the finale, especially after being sooo disappointed about the last episode (11). I mean, everyone noticed, right? I was all different, the entire style was changed. I have no idea why, but I saw a similar case with Yozakura Quartet. There, it was consistent for the whole anime, but when the OVAs came out... Total change. I'm researching it now, what happened to episode 11... And I can't find anything. It still bugs me, because now I still don't have a good profile pic for Toto (the current one is okay, but I need e lighter one). Anyway, episode 12 looks sweet and it'll be the end... There are two choices: end the story with a closed ending or with an open ending. I hope there will be an open ending, because that would be a sign for season 2!!! I wanna see some Forgery action!

There was something else I wanted to talk about, but I forgot. I'll edit it later when I remember. Or not.

I remembered: there aren't a lot of changes from the manga to the anime, but I'm gonna talk about them anyway. Also, the censorship. Now that school is over, I'm gonna have a little more time, so I'll get on reviewing every episode with the manga-anime differences and with the censorship. You'll be hearing more of me.

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