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Branch of Sin Mace
Unnamed Deadman
Gender Male
Status Deadman
Age Mid 30s (Deceased)
Branch of Sin Unnamed
First Appearance
Manga debut Chapter 23
Anime debut None

This Unnamed Deadman fought Azami Midō in a Carnival Corpse match.


He's a tall, muscular man in his mid 30s with a dark-coloured buzz cut. He wears cargo pants, a pear of combat boots and a waist warmer without a shirt, as well as a collar around his neck. He also has several tattoo's that span from the shoulders, all the way down to his elbows.


Judging from his short appearance, he's headstrong as he has shown by underestimating his opponents, attacking them directly without thinking. He also appears to lack patience and like most prisoners, enjoys the thrill of fighting.


Nothing is known about his past, but his appearance could be suggesting that he once served in the army. At one point, during The Great Tokyo Earthquake, he became a Deadman and was sent to Deadman Wonderland prison. Like every other Deadman, he was kept in G ward, due to his powers.


Forgeries Arc

He's first seen fighting Azami in one of Carnival Corpse matches that was organized by Tamaki during his livestream in order to convince the public that Deadmen are monstrous creatures. The Deadman attacks her directly, but gets bitten by Azami's snake. At first he tries to shake the pain off, when his body starts to swell up from the poison and quickly bursts, covering the entire arena in blood.


Branch of Sin Mace

The Deadman's Branch of Sin.

Branch of Sin: Since he's a Deadman, he can freely move his blood outside of his body. He summons his blood by cutting his palm with sharp fingernails.

Branch of Sin: Unnamed Branch: He can use his blood to fully cover his hands, forming spiked mace on each arm that he has clear skill in using.

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