The undertakers.

The Undertakers (墓守, Andāteikā) are a special force created by Tsunenaga Tamaki. They are the worst criminals who survived the "special correctional program". They are also called the Anti-Deadmen Corps. The Undertakers possess technology called the Worm Eater that allows them to nullify a Deadman's Branch of Sin ability.

Sometime in the past, Genkaku killed Nagi Kengamine's wife and this caused Nagi to go insane and massacre 22 Undertakers. Since then, Genkaku has continuously tried to get Nagi to join the Undertakers. The Undertakers played a big part in Scar Chain's mass prison break, as they were Scar Chain's direct enemies.

List of Undertakers

Azuma Genkaku Mozuri Gazuchi anime Shinagawa Dokoku anime Daida hibana Undertaker foot soldiers

Azuma Genkaku

Mōzuri Gazuchi

Shinagawa Dōkoku

Hibana Daida

Foot soldiers

1st squad leader 2nd squad leader 2nd squad assistant leader 3rd squad leader Foot Soldiers


  • The foot soldiers of the undertakers are shown to be not only murderous but completely immoral as shown when they attempted to gang rape Shiro and Karako when they were both captured by Azuma.


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