Gender Male
Status Deadman
Age Unknown (Deceased)
Branch of Sin Unnamed
Affiliations Scar Chain
First Appearance
Manga debut Chapter 12
Anime debut Episode 8
Japanese Masayoshi Sugawara
English Scott Freeman

Ueshima is a Deadman and a former member of Scar Chain. He died during the Deadman mass prison break.


He is a tall and slender person. Ueshima's has black hair that is spiked in the back. He has chin-length bangs that are kept parted down to frame both sides of his face while some hang over his eyes. He wears a plain white shirt with a vest over it. The vest is bourdeaux with the top section of the vest khaki. He wears regular black pants.

As a young child, his bangs hung just above his eyes.


Scar Chain arc

He is first seen attending Nagi Kengamine's exposition in Scar Chain's base. He joined the main group in the prison break, passing through the restricted area and getting to the elevator.

On the elevator, Endō tells Kazu he can work at his factory and Ueshima says that he'll finally be able to see his 'rugged' wife. They joke that he should be careful that Ueshima might steal his woman.

Ueshima summons Branch of Sin

Ueshima fights alongside Scar Chain.

When the elevator stops, they are awaited by the Undertakers, surprising everyone. Ueshima summons his Branch of Sin and attacks, but his Branch is nullified by the Worm Eater. He, along with many other of the Scar Chain members were killed by the Undertakers relentless attacks.


Branch of Sin: Ueshima is a Deadman, so he can freely move his blood out of his body.

Ueshima Branch of Sin

Ueshima's Branch of Sin.

Branch of Sin: Unnamed Branch: Ueshima's personalized Branch of Sin takes the form of two bear traps around his hands. Apparently, they are used by firing them, but Ueshima's fighting style hasn't been clearly seen. He only uses his Branch of Sin in the manga.

Differences between Manga and Anime

  • During the prison break the anime shows that he was immediately killed by Genkaku's shooting, even before he could attack with his Branch of Sin.


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