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Shishito Madoka
Shishito Madoka
Gender Male
Status Complete Forgery
Age Mid 20s (Deceased)
Branch of Sin Jūshin Shinjū
Affiliations Forgeries, 1st Unit
First Appearance
Manga debut Chapter 29
Anime debut N/A

Shishito Madoka is a Complete Forgery, formerly in the First Unit. Apparently, he is the strongest Complete Forgery.


Shishito has blonde hair that fell to the sides of his face. There are also two strands of hair standing upwards like horns. He wore a long, black coat with a fur-lined collar. Around his waist, he had some sort of a fur skirt, connected by a bell. He also wore a pair of pants with fur at the sides.


Madoka thought that happiness grows from another's unhappiness. He tried to make the people around him as happy as possible, by being unhappy himself. But he realized that he was happy being unhappy. This led him to the conclusion that when others are unhappy, they will feel happy as well.


His father died in the Great Tokyo Earthquake. On top of that, he was severely bullied as a child. It was at that time that he decided that he should be unhappy to make others happy. It is unknown why he was sent to DW, since he didn't have a Branch of Sin to begin with.


Revolt Arc

Madoka about to finish off Ganta

Madoka about to attack Ganta with his Shūen no Ago.

He first seems to help Ganta and looks very shy, but later, it is discovered he intended to personally torture and kill Ganta. Because Madoka had been severely bullied as a child and lost his father to the earthquake, he grew into a psychopath who enjoyed being "unhappy", so he made others "unhappy" as well. He tortures Ganta by making him feel the sensation of being rammed into the wall. Then he crucifies Ganta. When Madoka discovers Shiro's life means more to Ganta than his own, he decides to torture Shiro in an iron maiden. Fortunately, Ganta and Shiro are able to defeat him in a combined attack.


Branch of Sin: Shishito is a forgery, so he has the ability to freely control his blood out of his body. After he unwraps his bandages, he reveals that his nails have all been cut, and blood spills out to activate his Branch of Sin.

  • Jūshin Shinjū: Hōyō no Tsume
  • Madoka with his Jūshin Shinjū: Sakanade no Kiba
  • Sakanade no Kiba's effect: getting hit by a truck
  • Sakanade no Kiba's effect: Christ
  • Sakanade no Kiba's effect: Iron Maiden
  • Jūshin Shinjū: Shūen no Ago
Branch of Sin: Jūshin Shinjū (獣心心中, Beast Heart Double Suicide): Jūshin Shinjū forms 12 inch claws over each of his fingers using his blood and his poison. It has the power to control the victim's five senses.
Hōyō no Tsume (抱擁の爪, Claws Embrace): Shishito paralyzes a person's limbs with his poison as they come into contact with his claws.
Sakanade no Kiba (逆撫の牙, Counter Stroke Fang): He manages to slash at a person's body parts and make them feel what he desires through power of suggestion. He can issue orders such as "being hit with by a truck" or "iron maiden", making the victim suffer pain similar to the mentioned effects.
Shūen no Ago (終焉の顎, Jaws of Demise): Shishito gathers blood around his arm to form the shape of a lion's head, however he was defeated by Ganta and Shiro before he could unleash it's full potential.


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