Mother Goose System

Hagire Rinichirō working on the MGS.

The Mother Goose System is a device created by Sorae Igarashi in order to seal the Wretched Egg. The MGS is positioned in the center of Deadman Wonderland. It was first built in the Medical Center, but when it was destroyed by the Earthquake, DW was built over it.


Mother Goose System explained

MGS lay-out.

The MGS is made out of two main parts: the Center Part and the Chorus Blocks. The Chorus Blocks are composed around the Center Part in the formation of a circle.

The Center Part transmits The Lullaby to the Wretched Egg, so its powers will be sealed. The Chorus Blocks enhances the Lullaby so it has a wider range. When Shiro can't hear the Lullaby anymore, the Wretched Egg takes over. When the volume of the Center Part is put to maximum, the Wretched Egg is completely sealed.

Inside the Chorus Blocks, there is a dark, red liquid. In the notes of Sorae, Makina discovered that the liquid is in fact minced meat from the Wretched Egg herself.

To operate the system, a key is needed. Hagire Rinichirō, currently is control over the MGS, has tried many times to unlock the system, but constantly failed. Apparently, a certain kind of Branch of Sin is needed to unlock the system, one he doesn't have yet. This Branch of Sin is most certainly Ganta's Ganbare Gun.

Part in the story

Red Man in MGS

The Red Man imprisoned in the MGS.

The Mother Goose System plays a rather important share in the story. Especially because it involves the main goal of both main parties (Ganta and his group and Hagire). Ganta, the Deadmen and allies led by Makina infiltrated DW to set the MGS to the maximum, in order to seal the Wretched Egg. On the other hand, Hagire currently has control over the MGS, but wants to access its full operation, so that he can put it to the minimum, in order to release the Wretched Egg. The Mother Goose System was first operated by Tsunenaga Tamaki, before Hagire took over DW.

The Mother Goose System was first seen with the Red Man confined in it, before it escaped and confronted Ganta.

Ganta unlocked the Mother Goose System in order to set it to its maximum. But before he could, the now open and vulnerable core, made up a large peice of Shiro's old flesh, was destroyed by the Wretched Egg, completely nullifying the seal and fully releasing her powers.

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