Gender Female
Status Student
Age Teens (Deceased)
Affiliations Ganta Igarashi
First Appearance
Manga debut Chapter 1
Anime debut Episode 1
Japanese Megumi Takamoto
English Lindsay Seidel

Mimi was Ganta Igarashi's and Yamakatsu's school friend. She was killed during the Nagano school massacre by the Red Man. Ganta had a slight crush on Mimi. Mimi's father also appeared for a short time, though he was only shown in the anime.


Ganta past 1

Mimi with Ganta and Yamakatsu.

Mimi cared deeply for her friends and valued their time together no matter what they did. She was shown to be calmer than the boys and was very polite.


Mimi had long, smooth, black hair and grey eyes. Her bangs hung just above her eyebrows. She was seen wearing a female school uniform.

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