Mozuri Gazuchi anime
Mōzuri Gazuchi
Gender Male
Status Undertaker
Age Early 30s (Deceased)
Affiliations Undertakers
First Appearance
Manga debut Chapter 17
Anime debut Episode 9
Japanese Minoru Hirota
English Paul Giovanni Ramirez

Mōzuri Gazuchi (モーズリ・我槌, Mōzuri Gazuchi) was an Undertaker and the former leader of the second squad. He was partnered with Shinagawa Dōkoku.


Mōzuri is a very large and muscular man. He has an abnormally large chin and very little, fish-like eyes. His skin is tanned. He wears a dark brown tank-top and leather pants, held by a heavy belt with a lock in the middle.


Mozuri past

Mōzuri, when caught.

At birth, Mōzuri was abandoned by his mother in a forest and was taken in by bears. Over ten years later, he would kill enough hikers that trackers were sent in with their dogs to try to locate the missing victims. He wound up killing most of them as well before being caught. When he was finally caught, he turned out to be more bear than human. Because of his murders, he was taken to Deadman Wonderland and recruited into the Undertakers.


Scar Chain Arc

When the Scar Chain members tried to escape using the elevator and the Undertakers awaited them, Mōzuri joined them too. He killed several Scar Chain members, before telling Genkaku that it's time to retreat, because the data chip would soon explode.

Senji kills Mozuri and Shinagawa anime

Senji killing Mōzuri.

He was taken with Rokuro Bundō to Scar Chain's base and was then ordered, together with Shinagawa Dōkoku, to kill Ganta Igarashi. Just as he is about to attack Ganta, Senji Kiyomasa appears and kills him and Shinagawa instantly.


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