The Lullaby

Sorae playing the lullaby for Shiro.

The Lullaby was a song created by Sorae Igarashi for Shiro. It is transmitted by the Mother Goose System to keep the Wretched Egg's powers under control. The song is about a woodpecker, a hint to Sorae's son Ganta Igarashi, nicknamed Woodpecker. Sorae always cried when playing the song, as she says that this is "Shiro's Song", and by the time Sorae writes this song, she has begun to feel remorse for all the pain she put Shiro through.



One mischievous little woodpecker
Another day, pecking your holes
Ruining the woods, tree wrecker
The angry old forest god turned your poor beak into a poison knife
Poor little woodpecker
Your nesting holes are all tainted, your food with toxins rife
Touch your friends, and they all will die falling at your feet
Oh, sad little woodpecker
Poisonous tears, shining brightly, as they stream down your cheeks



Warusa bakari no uddopekka
Kyou mo ana ake
Moriboro darake
okotta uddo godo
Kuchibashi wo doku ni kaeta
Komatta uddopekka
Su ana ga doku ni
gohan mo doku ni
Tomodachi ni furereba shinubakari
Kanashinda uddopekka
Doku no namida ga kira kira hikaru

Funimation's Version of the Lullaby

Naughty Birdie's song is made
by pecking holes in trees
willows, cedars, sycamores
and proud oaks reduced to cheese
woodland gods, all in a huff
have forever cursed your naughty beak
what it pecks, it poisons now;
your food, your nest even your young
your friends now all fear you
But your tears ring clearly through the wood
even as they taint the dew
such a sad, sad, little birdy
Maybe one day this song will lift the curse
and set you free.

Ganta Significance

  1. One mischievous little woodpecker another day, pecking your holes ruining the woods
    Ganta and his mother ruining Shiro's world
  2. Tree wrecker the angry old forest god turned your poor beak into a poison knife
    Shiro's alter ego Red Man turning him into a deadly force or Deadman
  3. Poor little wood pecker, your nesting holes are all tainted your food with toxins
    All those who he considered friends are dead or hate him back in his old life
  4. Touch your friends,and they will all die falling at your feet
    He has lost all his previous friends and causes pain by being around his new ones
  5. Oh, sad little woodpecker, poisonous tears, shining brightly, as they stream down your cheeks
    All he could do before was cry and he couldn't save his friends because he was weak

Shiro Significance

  1. One mischievous little woodpecker another day, pecking your holes ruining the woods
    Her using her abilities to destroy Ganta's life and by showing her abilities to Hagire
  2. Tree wrecker the angry old forest god turned your poor beak into a poison knife
    Hagire kept trying to use her abilities for his purposes
  3. Poor little wood pecker, your nesting holes are all tainted your food with toxins
    Because of Hagire, Shiro had to create a separate personality tainting her mind
  4. Touch your friends, and they will all die falling at your feet
    She destroyed Ganta's life
  5. Oh, sad little woodpecker, poisonous tears, shining brightly, as they stream down your cheeks
    She cried out for Ganta and Aceman but they didn't come, so she turned into the Wretched Egg


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