King Fisher
King Fisher
Gender Male
Status Deadman
Age Late 20s (Deceased)
Branch of Sin Unknown
Affiliations Unknown
First Appearance
Anime debut Episode 11
Japanese None
English None

King Fisher is a Deadman previously imprisoned in Deadman Wonderland. King Fisher was his codename, his real name has never been revealed.


Although not much is known about King Fisher, it has been stated by one of the inmates of Deadman Wonderland that he was a good person.


King Fisher was a dark skinned man. He had black hair, that is straight and stands up on the ends of his hair. He also wore a crimson red over coat and a black shirt.


Not much is known about King Fisher's history except that he must have been effected by the Great Tokyo Earthquake. It has been revealed that King fisher had died during his last penalty game.


Scar Chain arc

King Fisher was mentioned when Scar Chain's first prison break attempt failed and they were thinking about recruiting new members. Endo suggested King Fisher, but Karako Koshio said that he is out of the question, because he died during a Penalty Game. Endo later commented that he was a good guy.


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