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Kasuga Kyōko
Gender Female
Status Warden (former)
Age Early 20s
Affiliations Deadman Wonderland (former)
DW Special Hunting Force
First Appearance
Manga debut Chapter 1
Anime debut Episode 1
Japanese Chika Horikawa
English Mary Morgan

Kyōko Kasuga (春日今日子, Kasuga Kyōko) was the personal assistant of Makina. She was a guard at Deadman Wonderland before it was shut down.


Kasuga has medium long, blonde hair in the manga. In the anime, her hair is dark brown. She wears glasses. In DW, she wears the prison guard uniform, that is more feminine than the other's which consists of a dark blue blazer with gold buttons and a black belt and a matching mini pencil skirt she also wears white tights and black small heels.

In her school time, she wore the girl's school uniform.


She is very focused on her job at Deadman Wonderland. She will do practically anything the warden tells her to and she shows deep loyalty towards Makina. She especially shows this loyalty when they illegally break in Tamaki's office and looks at classified data on his computer.


Her past in the manga is not known, but in the ending of the anime there is an image of Kasuga in a Nagano Middle School uniform, with Idaki Hitara as her teacher and Rokuro Bundo as her classmate.

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