Gender Male
Status Deceased
Killed by Necro Macro
Age Early 20s
Branch of Sin Unknown
Affiliations Scar Chain
First Appearance
Manga debut Chapter 12
Anime debut Episode 8
Japanese Takao Mizuno
English Chris Cason

Kōmoto is a Deadman and a former member of Scar Chain. He died during the Deadman mass prison break.


At some point in the past, Kōmoto was imprisoned in Deadman Wonderland. Later, he joins a resistance faction within the prison known as Scar Chain.


Kōmoto has brown hair and silver eyes. He is always seen wearing a black hat, that he pulls down to his eyes. The hat has two white stars at the sides. He wears an orange sweater with a cap and a short zipper. His pants are blue and it has two holes at the height of his knees. In the anime, his left leg was a metal prosthetic.


Like other Scar Chain members, Kōmoto was a kind individual who was willing to give his life for the organization's cause.


Scar Chain Arc

Komoto dies

Kōmoto's death.

Kōmoto was present in Scar Chain's base when Nagi explained the plan for the last time. He joined the first Scar Chain group trying to escape to the elevator. When the group encountered a restricted area with sensors on the floor, they tried to go over them with the use of Yamazaki's unnamed Branch of Sin, but it broke and the sensors went off. A Necro Macro suddenly appeared and chased after them. It shot out a fluid of highly-corrosive acid over Kōmoto. The fluid began eating away at his clothing, flesh, and bones and Kōmoto fell to the ground, crying for his mother. The Necro Macro then crushes and kills him. As he died, Fujiyoshi attempted to run back to assist him, but he was ordered to keep moving for there was nothing that he could have done.


Branch of Sin: Kōmoto is a Deadman and such, had the ability to freely move his blood out of his body. His personalized Branch of Sin was never shown.

Differences between Manga and Anime

  • In the anime, it was also revealed that his left leg was a metal prosthetic, the manga never actually depicted this.


  • In the English adaption of Kōmoto's death, he cries for help instead of crying for his mother.