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Ikaduchi Akatsiki
Ikaduchi Akatsiki
Gender Male
Status Complete Forgery
Age Late 20s (Deceased)
Branch of Sin Decimating Frenzy
Affiliations Forgeries, 1st Unit
First Appearance
Manga debut Chapter 31
Anime debut OVA: Red Knife Wielder
Japanese Kenji Hamada
English Bill Jenkins

Ikaduchi Akatsiki is a Complete Forgery, formerly assigned to the First Unit. His Deadman opponent was Senji Kiyomasa. He didn't appear in the anime, but he did appear in the OVA.


Ikaduchi Akatsiki

Ikaduchi in the OVA

Akatsiki has very long, brown hair that reaches down to his lower back. His hair is shaved at the sides and he keeps it in a ponytail. He has a metal mouth mask that points out at the height of his chin. He doesn't wear a shirt, but does wear two bands over his elbows, as well as black pants with a belt of rope.


Ikaduchi killing Senji's team

Ikaduchi killing Domon

After the Great Tokyo Earthquake, Ikaduchi was one of the many thugs who roamed the destroyed Tokyo and committed vandalism, rape and so on. The one who put a stop to "his paradise", was the policeman Senji Kiyomasa. He gathered other criminals and challenged Senji to a fight. Senji didn't come however, because his colleagues took the bullet for him and went to the challenge while leaving Senji behind. Ikaduchi and his thugs killed Senji's team.

After some time, he was caught and imprisoned in Deadman Wonderland. He was chosen by Tamaki to be one of his 1st Unit Forgeries.

He was later killed by Senji.


Branch of Sin: Ikaduchi is a Complete Forgery, so he has the ability to freely control his blood out of his body.

  • Rari Ranshin's scorpion tail
  • The effect of Rari Ranshin on Ikaduchi's body
  • Rari Ranshin: Asōgi
  • Rari Ranshin: Kōkasha
  • Rari Ranshin: Nayuta
Branch of Sin: Rari Ranshin (乱离乱身, Rari Ranshin, lit. Decimating Frenzy): Rari Ranshin allows him to create scorpion tail-like tentacles that inject himself with blood. This causes his arms or legs to enlarge and become extremely muscular, like some kind of doping; he gains superhuman strength, powerful enough to strengthen his muscles and tendons and shatter Senji's normal Crow Claw blade. Ikaduchi doesn't use his Branch of Sin as a main weapon, but rather his enlarged body.
Asōgi (阿僧祗): Ikaduchi enlarges his legs to become incredibly muscular, that have enough power to jump several feet in the air.
Kōkasha: Ikaduchi injects himself in the shoulders and uses them to body-check his opponent.
Nayuta: Ikaduchi enlarges his whole body. However, he was defeated by Senji before he could unleash its full potential.


  • He's the only Forgery to appear in the anime.


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