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Hinata smiles
Gender Female
Status Caretaker
Age late 20s (deceased)
Affiliations Izuru
First Appearance
Anime debut OVA: Red Knife Wielder
Japanese Ai Kayano
English Cynthia Cranz

Hinata was Izuru's caretaker in the OVA Wielder of the Red Knife.


Hinata was a very caring person, as she had helped any orphan on the street, giving them a home and food. Although loving she can also be a little strict or harsh at times, as she had smacked Izuru without warning.


Hinata is a slender woman, that has gray eyes who has short black hair, that covers all of her ears, as well as covering most of her forehead. She is only seen wearing a long hooded dark blue overcoat, with white stripes going from the left and right sides. She also wears yellow boots as well as light blue gloves.


Hinata, although never specified, was also effected by the Earthquake, and because of what happened she had dedicated her life into helping those who had lost their parents to the quake by opening up her home to them. She also forms a strong bond with Senji as she and him seem to be very close, and talk with each other as friends.



She is first seen thanking Senji Kiyomasa who had just returned Izuru, who had just stolen from a gang, named the Goreless Peace. She is then seen enjoying her time with Senji. Senji compliments her on taking such good care of the children, but she rebutes that statement, simply stating that it is revenge against the quake and what it did. Hinata is last seen killed by the fire, that the Goreless Peace gang started, in order to get Senji to join them.


  • Hinata's only anime appearance has been in the anime's OVA Wielder of the Red Knife.
  • Although never stated it seemed that Hinata had some feelings for Senji.

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