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G Ward

G Ward

G Ward or G Block was a special ward where all the Deadmen were held. It is the core of Deadman Wonderland and where the Carnival Corpse is located. G Ward was built in secret and is very hard to find. It is not allowed for regular prisoners to enter the G Ward.

The building is shaped like the wheel of a cog and in every separate cog there are rooms joined together, some are for prisoner accommodation, others are used for shops and entertainment reasons. There seem to be different ways of gaining access to the ward, but most involve using ventalation systems and secondary entrances unknown to most prisoners. G Ward, also houses numerous laboratories and rooms where human experimentation is performed and where scientists are attempting to harness the powers of the Deadmen for monetary and political gain.

During the Forgeries arc, the Deadmen were released out of the G Ward and allowed to move freely inside the prison.


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