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Dog Eat Dog
Chapter 32
Cover page
Chapter 32
Appears in Volume 8
Chapter chronology
Previous chapter Although Ganta Tries To Stop Forgeries
Next chapter Beaming Beauty-badass
Chapter list

Dog Eat Dog is the thirty second chapter of the Deadman Wonderland manga.


Rei Takashima is seen in her lab stating that her forgeries are more powerful then original, then becoming more excited as she starts collecting data. The complete forgeries are seen and they are shown to be very impressive as they are able to easily decimate Ganta and friends. Ganta tells them about the mind control device, and begs them to stop as they are after him, reminding them of what he did to them. They remember of what he did, but Ganta then realizes no matter what they have already made up their minds. With that Ganta leaves with Shiro and Azami Midō, letting the others fight. The deadmen then separate the forgeries, Senji taking on Ikazuchi, Minatsuki and Chaplin taking on Uzume, Idaki taking on Ichi. Minatsuki and Chaplin are shown Uzume's powers, as she uses plasma plume, sprouting wings on her back like a butterfly. Uzume then states Minatsuki and Chaplin's past, Minatsuki's mother and Chaplin murdering his love. Uzume then states that there is a big difference between first unit and third, as she activates Rogue Mirage with the plan of burying them.

Characters in order of appearance

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