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Despotic Despair
Chapter 39
Cover page
Chapter 39
Appears in Volume 9
Chapter chronology
Previous chapter End Game - A Flame
Next chapter The Beginning of the Ending
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Despotic Despair is the thirty ninth chapter of the Deadman Wonderland manga. The chapter was released in two parts (A and B).


Part AHagire explains to Tsunenaga Tamaki that he has been playing in his hand and intendes to kill him. Tamaki loses his mind, says it's his game and shoot himself then in the head. The Red Man then appears and complains about being tired. Ganta arrives and attacks the Red Man immediately. Makina intervenes and tries to persuade Ganta not to fight the Red Man. Ganta sees Azami's severed head and bursts out in anger. Makina pours gasoline over the battlefield and blows it up. They all flee except Ganta who stays behind. The Red Man appears above him and tells him Shiro is dead. He attacks Ganta.

Shiro as the Red Man

Shiro as the Red Man.

Part B — Following the explosion, Ganta falls down. He remembers his friends and the school massacre and unleashes his Ganbare Gun. He shoots at the Red Man and the bullet gets through the Red Man's defense. It rips off his mask and Ganta sees it's really Shiro. The Red Man and Toto supposedly run, because the aftermath of the fight is seen next. All the victims - dead and wounded - lie in a great hall with doctors tending over them. We see photos of Tamaki and Azami attached to two of the bags and the remaining Forgeries imprisoned in a special cell.
Ganta traumatized

Ganta is traumatized.

Ganta is standing in the doorway. Meanwhile Ekō, Kashima and Bonbu are discussing the past events, stating that the operation was a succes, but that the war isn't over yet. Toto and Wretched Egg are back in their base and Toto asks if the Red Man can't play with him seriously again. He notes that Ganta's Ganbare Gun is very abnormal and compares it to Shiro. Again back in the great hall, Ganta is still standing there frozen. Physically and mentally, Ganta is scarred...

Character in order of appearance

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