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This page is used to keep track off all the previous polls that were kept on the wiki.

May: What do you think about the anime?

Great 459
Good 31
So, so 16
Bad 1
Horrible 10

Total votes: 517

June: Who is your favorite Deadman?

Ganta Igarashi 34
Senji Kiyomasa 162
Minatsuki Takami 40
Chaplin Sukegawa 4
Idaki Hitara 2
Itadaki Kazuya 1
Nagi Kengamine 17
Karako Koshio 6
Rokuro Bundō 2
Mitsuzaki Yosuga 4
Toto Sakigami 44
Shiro 109

Total votes: 425

July: What is your favorite group?

Deadmen 261
Scar Chain 16
Undertakers 19
Forgeries 3
Prison guards 5

Total votes: 304

August: What is your favorite Branch of Sin?

Ganta Gun 18
Crow Claw 108
Whip Wing 30
Peacock Peak 4
Condor Candle 5
Owl's Eyeball 12
Love☆Labyrinth 29
Snake 0
Rari Ranshin 0
Nanairo Chōchō 1
Sōrin Musō 2
Jūshin Shinjū 4

Total votes: 213

September, October and November: Manga or anime?

Manga 161
Anime 62
Both 167
None 8

Total votes: 398

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