Deadman Wonderland, often abbreviated as DW, was a privately-run prison in Tokyo that doubled as an amusement park. It was opened in the year 2017, with the beginning of the Tokyo Recovery Project.


People having fun

Tourists in Deadman Wonderland.

Deadman Wonderland was supposedly built for the revival of Tokyo, pulling a lot of tourists to the prison's special attractions. In reality, it is a place to hold Deadmen, and in particular, to seal the Wretched Egg. The prison is built on the Mother Goose System. It has 6 normal wards (labeled A-F) and 1 Deadmen-ward (G Ward). The prison has a special system called the "death sentence rule". That is that every prisoner on death row has a modified necklace, one that constantly injects poison. The only way to escape death is to eat Candy every three days. However, Candy costs a lot of Cast Points. Deadman Wonderland is the only fully privately operated prison in Japan.


Prison logo

The prison's logo.

Deadman Wonderland was built after the Great Tokyo Earthquake with Hagire Rinichirō in control. The warden was, in fact, sick, and it was the promoter who was pulling the strings. For ten years long, DW sought Deadmen and imprisoned them. The Carnival Corpse was also one of the first events in DW. However, the original Warden was killed by the Red Man and Tamaki finally became Warden. In the year 2024, Scar Chain attempted a prison break, but it failed. They tried again and succeeded, but only Karako Koshio and a handful henchmen escaped. Karako revealed DW's secrets to the media, but Tamaki depicted these Deadmen as animals and inhuman, so now even the Carnival Corpse were broadcasted. Around this time, the Forgeries were also introduced. But then the Chief Guard Makina discovered Tamaki's plan and attempted a coup d'état. She succeeded with the help of Ganta Igarashi and the other Deadmen. Toto Sakigami surfaces and assumes control of DW. Tamaki committed suicide and DW was closed for good. All Deadmen were later retried and the regular prisoners were transferred to another prison. After Makina's explanation, a mission to DW was made, but they were all killed by Toto and the Wretched Egg.

Makina and Karako have set up a new mission to infiltrate DW and to use the Mother Goose System to completely seal the Red Man.


Director Tsunenaga Tamaki Makina Kasuga
Hagire Rinichirō Tsunenaga Tamaki Makina Kasuga Kyōko
Unnamed doctor anime Twins Prison guards
Rei Takashima The twins Prison guards


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