I'm stronger than men and kinder than women. That's why I can punch anyone equally. That is Chaplin Sukegawa's way of life!!

—Chaplin Sukegawa, to Uzume Sumeragi

Chaplin Sukegawa
Masaru Sukegawa
Also Known As Chaplin Sukegawa
Gender Female (transgender)
Status Deadman
Age 32
Branch of Sin Peacock Peak
Affiliations Infiltration Team
First Appearance
Manga debut Chapter 8
Anime debut N/A
Chaplin logo

Masaru "Chaplin" Sukegawa, also known as Peacock, is a trans woman who sees herself as a bright figure in Sector G, and who is also an announcer for most of the Carnival Corpse duels. She is often seen around Minatsuki Takami, Itadaki "Masu" Kazuya and Idaki Hitara. She is a Deadman. She only appears in the manga.


Chaplin walks in on his boyfriend

Chaplin walks in on her "boyfriend".

Before being sent to Deadman Wonderland, Sukegawa lived "as a gay man". He had a boyfriend, but the boyfriend was seeing a woman or several women at the time. One day, Sukegawa left work early after his colleagues discovered his attraction toward men, and he walked in on his partner having sex with a woman. His boyfriend admitted that he was only using Sukegawa for his money and that he wasn't even gay, and the woman taunted him by saying that since she "wasn't a woman," she could never really find love.

At that point, Sukegawa used his Branch of Sin for the first time, impaling the woman and killing her. At some unknown time after being sent to Deadman Wonderland, she started presenting as a woman, adopting the name "Chaplin". After being sent to a normal prison, she was forced to cut her hair and make it look like a man's hair-do. When they planned to go back to Deadman Wonderland, she put on a wig that made her look more feminine again.

Chaplin's attire (wig included) mimics the lingirie and hairstyle of the woman her former boyfriend was caught sleeping with.


Deadman arc

Chaplin first appears welcoming Ganta into G Ward. She introduces him to the other residents: Masu, Minatsuki and Hitara. She proposes a welcome-party, where they will get to know each other and watch Senji's penalty game.


Branch of Sin: Chaplin is a Deadman, so she has the ability to freely control her blood out of her body.

  • Chaplin with her Peacock Peak
  • Whip Wing, Peacock Peak's Union
Branch of Sin: Peacock Peak (雀ピーク, Suzume Pīku): Chaplin creates bramble-like constructs that can expand and be used to trap opponents or injure them directly.
Whip Wing, Peacock Peak's Union: A joint attack with Minatsuki Takami. Her whip gains the attributes of Sukegawa's brambles, having her whip larger and with spikes. The attack is powerful enough to defeat Uzume Sumeragi in one hit. This attack is also dubbed by Chaplin as the Love Whip.


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